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SUNDAYS, 2pm-5pm
June 30-Aug. 4th, 2024
Led by Marie Zukoff
$250 per person

Sketching Materials

About Marie: Marie is a nationally known watercolorist and a prolific producer of fine art. Her technique is precise and detailed, built on a solid foundation of translating what she sees onto paper by drawing it first.  Whether you're fine-tuning your drawing skills or just starting out, Marie will skillfully guide you to a place of confidence with drawing.

Drawing is about interpreting what you see, or what you want to see, and translating it onto paper through a variety of mark-making techniques.  This class will teach you how to develop skill with creating successful drawings from life and your imagination. You will learn a variety of drawing techniques and become familiar with available drawing materials and tools, as well as develop a clear understanding of the visual elements of drawing: line, shape, form, space, value, pattern, texture, positive & negative space, perspective, angles, scale and relational measurements. In class exercises, as well as homework in-between classes, will be used to build your drawing confidence and enable you to readily put objects in proper scale and perspective. Click here for supply list.

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