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August 24th (9-4) & August 25th (9-3)
$225 pp, includes lunch

Join Marie Zukoff for 2 days of painting with an eye towards photorealism on a small canvas (no larger than 11x14) in oils or acrylics.  

You'll start outside (weather permitting) to find your subject from the natural world around you (so much muse at The Foggy Bee).* Marie will guide your subject choice and photograph angle to provide the best opportunity to reach a photorealistic likeness. Once the photo op has been successfully completed, you'll come back into the studio to sketch and develop your composition, and then paint! Marie guides you through inception to finished painting over this two-day workshop.  Lunch provided on both days.  No matter your style, you'll learn tips and tricks to achieve a remarkable likeness of your subject and apply that knowledge to benefit your individual style.      

*Come prepared with your own photos or choose from options available at the studio in the event the weather is uncooperative.

About Marie: Nationally known artist, Marie Zukoff, is a prolific producer of fine art. Her technique is precise and detailed, yet she lifts her paintings above photographic naturalism with an unreal visionary quality.  She travels frequently and gathers her resources and inspiration from the world around her. Marie has nurtured and developed her own sensitive style of painting which expresses a mood of tranquility and peaceful solitude.

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